Desktop Software

Alchemy Bit has developed the work environment and methods of programming desktop applications so that we are fully prepared to create logical software solutions for all sectors, establishments, small and large companies, and transform them into easy-to-use computer programs, no matter how complex they are, in order to serve the customer and the work environment in a flexible way.

Replace manual operations with alternative digital software that makes work and management easier and reduces errors and losses.

Going Beyond the Usual

  • Comprehensive Accounting Software:
    Your accounting and every aspect of your business in one platform.

  • Warehouse Management Software:
    Centrally manage your products, bulk adjust variants, prices and discounts, stay up to date on stock status and avoid automatic stock outs. Apply changes to all sales channels or just some of them.

  • Menu & Orders Program:
    The exclusive program for managing menus using QR for restaurants, cafes, parks, etc., which enables customers to view menus and control orders completely from within the application, and also enables them to order online as well.

  • Car Rental Management Software:
    It allows rental companies to make contracts, invoices, and guarantees with customers, and to track cars as they leave the company.

The Challange

Whatever sector you work in, we will provide you with the best technical solutions and services that facilitate the growth and expansion process with great speed and flexibility, as well as help you manage the project.

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