Digital Marketing

Digital transformation is about people, not technology. Enable internal expertise and join the Alchemy Bit marketing program, with a team that specializes in e-marketing and building brands to the consumer community of your products.

We provide you with all means of e-marketing and work on them, to market your product and spread your identity to as many potential customers as possible.

Alchemy Bit gives you the opportunity to create a new sales channel tailored to your needs. Open up a new sales market that offers you long-term prospects for the future.

Going Beyond the Usual

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    In order to compete, you need a proven partner that knows how to drive results. Be seen for everything existing and potential customers are searching for. We’ve helped leading and emerging brands scale their traffic and revenue organically for over a decade with our experience in SEO consulting.

  • Social Media:
    Build authentic connections with your audience through social media strategies. We manage business social media accounts by keeping up with social media algorithm updates and working on top of it to ensure results.

  • Email Marketing:
    Cut marketing costs, eliminate clutter, and get only what your business needs.
    We provide you with business-specific templates that automate to address customers directly to achieve tremendous revenue and sales growth.

  • Paid Social Advertising:
    With Alchemy Bit you can stop your advertising spending while achieving the best marketing results that grow your revenue, as you can reach vast new audiences and increase lifetime value through the power of expanded targeting criteria and highly targeted ads. Not only will you see your ads, but you'll also attract your target audience to interest and buy - without draining your ad spend.

  • Marketing Automation:
    Stop chasing leads and start acquiring customers.
    Our dedicated team of experts will help you strategize through automation and technical applications, you will be able to leverage the functionality of your technology stack to convert leads into customers.

  • Automated Marketing:
    You need a partner like Alchemy bit. We’re a digital marketing company that has a pulse on all things programmatic, understands your industry and competitors, and knows how to maximize your dollar to drive results, using the best technology to get there. we will expand your reach with addressable, targeted ads that find your target audience in real-time, while we optimize your ad spend.

The Challange

Getting customers is not difficult, but keeping customers is the biggest challenge.
Our team created an automation system that keeps customers in direct contact with your business, which increases their confidence in your products and thus an increasing growth in sales.

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