Visual Identity

Visual Identity is not composite images or random designs, but rather it is the psychological factor that brings customers and creates the confidence they need for the success of your business.
In Alchemy Bit, we have a unique imprint in this specialty, where psychologists and marketing specialists supervise the design of the visual identity in proportion to the work and customers to ensure the stability of the brand in their minds, and to confirm the balance and harmony between the brand and the expected results of the project.

Design solutions that make every customer-facing asset a tailor made experience. Transform the look and feel of your brand at every touchpoint.

Going Beyond the Usual

  • Full-Service Branding:
    The Brand is the SOUL of the Business. The visual aesthetic of your brand – from logo design to web to graphics – has the power to capture, evoke emotion and make a lasting impression in the minds of your customer.
    Strategy, assets, and guidelines to develop and maintain cohesive brand identity.

  • User Experience UX/UI:
    Psychologists and marketing supervise the design of the visual identity in all its parts from the brand, websites and applications to social media pages and advertisements in harmony and balance that ensures the delivery of your brand concept, values, ideas, messages and products in a visual, creative, amazing and impressive way.

  • Landing Page Design:
    Conversion focused page design that’s tested and tweaked for best results.

  • Social Media & Banner Ads:
    A successful advertisement is the advertisement that brings you sales. We create effective marketing designs with amazing results that ignite and attract people's passion to buy the product or services, through advertising services and the method of editing and designing content by focusing on the emotional and psychological side of the audience. We create and design compliant and engaging creative assets for all your social campaigns.

  • E-mail Creative:
    Reach customers in a timely and direct manner with personalized email campaigns. We design the best campaigns for you and your business with creativity that makes your campaigns stand out in a crowded inbox, which attracts the customer to your business and request for service.

  • Sales Enablement Material:
    Professional and enticing sales resources from pitch decks to service summaries.

  • Print Material:
    Visually stunning physical marketing materials from business cards, postcards, brochures, and more.

Our Features

Creating a balance between work and visual identity in all its parts, from the logo to applications to publications, by designing it in a way that guarantees the delivery of your brand concept, values, ideas, message, and products in an amazing and impressive visual and creative way that remains constant in the minds of the public.

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