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  • Business Solutions
  • Company Formations
  • Startup Companies
  • Ready Companies
  • IT Consulting
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Digitization
  • Software Development
  • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Databases Migration
  • Improve User Experience
  • Client Systems
  • Merchant Services
  • Payment Portal
  • Payment Links
  • Ads Management
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Plans
  • Improve Target Groups
  • SEO
How does Alchemy Bit work?

Resource Planning.

A specialized team studies your business based on the target market and then determines the appropriate strategy to digitize your business according to market rules to give it flexibility and the ability to adapt more efficiently and quickly to achieve growth and expansion.

  • From ideas into innovation
  • Market identification
  • Digitization Strategies
  • Ensure progress
What We Doing?

Your Partners in Digital Transformation

We help you create a modern IT landscape and set the standards to transform businesses From the ground of reality to the unlimited digital world while ensuring an engaging user experience.

This way you can reach your target groups anywhere, anytime and across all touch points.

What we Offer?

Developing Digital Businesses Automating Workflows

We develop digital business and sales models by employing artificial intelligence and the latest digital technologies to work together so that all models are linked to each other to create a twin between the real world and the digital world and a direct connection between applications and the user.

  • Software Development
  • Visual Identity & UX / UI
  • Marketing & Targeting Groups
  • Artificial Intelligence

Simple Tools, Powerful Effects

An exclusive and unique store supported by the latest technologies to save effort, money and time in marketing and expansion operations.

An exclusive and unique store that works from the browser as a mobile Apps. Supervised by a team of psychologists and marketing specialists to ensure the highest quality user experience. We have overcome many issues with other stores and platforms.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is the transfer of business from stagnation and limitations on the ground to global expansion and continuous growth.

Because it transcends temporal and geographical boundaries and communicates your work to all people, so the whole world becomes your target audience.

The Softec Shop is built right into your account dashboard, and is accessible immediately after signing up.

It is an integrated system that covers all the needs of your company from creating and developing digital businesses, starting from visual identity to software, then marketing and targeting, so that implementation is monitored, workflow is automated, and results are measured at the same time.

We develop many software and systems that serve businesses, institutions and people widely and directly. We are just a few steps away from launching innovative applications that create change around the world.

Check Some Of business we innovate.

Start Ups

We build companies of all sizes and convert them to the digital system and achieve rapid and effective growth that ensures the continuity of your business.

Client Name

Phillip Anthropy



Web Applications

We build unique Apps for each business, while ensuring the ability to link them with other Apps to achieve special marketing goals and growth and expansion goals in a flexible and fast manner.

Client Name

Phillip Anthropy



Mobile Applications

A unique blend of programming engineering and user interface optimization to ensure that users stay connected.

Client Name

Phillip Anthropy



Graphic Design

Starting from branding to a unified visual identity for all parts of your business system, including products, we create the spirit in your business to automatically identify itself to customers.

Client Name

Phillip Anthropy



Private Business Tools

We build tools, applications, and all kinds of software for automating & managing your business
Stores, Warehouse Management Programs, Employee Management Programs, Payroll & Billing, & Logistics Apps & Many More.

Client Name

Phillip Anthropy



Our clients
Reviews are Transparent

After my experience with Shopify and my transition to the Alchemy Bit System, I confirm that the internet world is full of surprises due to the difference in results achieved at the level of sales with the Alchemy Bit System. Thank you, Naji Moqadi, a work worthy of respect.

Lamor Milano
Hatiem Jab-barin
Founder & CEO Lamor Milano, Italy
Lamor Milano

Blockchain is the real standard for the ability of development companies, due to the scarcity of developers in addition to the complexity in this field, but with Alchemy Bit I found more than what I seek in terms of an innovative team, integrated services and high technology.

Mohammed Sulaiman
Founder & CEO Arkancoin

Alchemy Bit is a company of innovation and creativity led by the professional leader Naji Mogadi, high credibility, professionalism without borders, accuracy in work and deadlines, you see them competing in order to reach the global in their field and innovations.

Mohammed Esa
Trader & Business Manager, Palestine

El crecimiento del bit cuántico es evidencia de lo que dicen que están haciendo. No he visto una mentalidad como Naji Moqadi empleando energía en el trabajo y con el equipo y en todo. Veo que ese es el secreto de su progreso y éxito.

Eva Rodriguez
Legal Agent, España

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